Did you know that Psychologists can help our Little Peas to understand and better manage anxiety by improving their cognitive challenging skills and emotion regulation skills?
The Cognitive Behavioural Model (CBT) explores how the way we think influences how we feel and behave. By teaching our Little Peas about this concept through creative kiddy CBT interventions, psychologist can help equip them to replace unhelpful thinking styles with alternative more functional though processes and coping mechanisms.
Remember that some anxiety is normal! For example, when you are nervous for your first day of school or before a school test. In fact, anxiety can also be useful and teach us when we should be careful like when we are crossing a busy road. BUT when your bag of worries gets too full it can make you feel anxious, icky, and keep you up at night.
Psychologists can help our Little Peas by listening to what worry thoughts are bullying them. With practice, our Little Peas can turn their worry thoughts into happy thoughts by emptying out their worry bags and filling their happy sacks. If you have a worry thought like, ‘I am not good enough,’ you can take that worry thought out of your worry bag and pop it in your happy sack with the thought, ‘I tried my best.’
Give this a try with your Little Pea this week by having them work out 2-3 happy sack thoughts. Don’t forget to tell us how you went. Let’s outsmart the worry thoughts together!
Melissa Fadden (Provisional Psycholoigst)
Little TheraPeas


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