The final stretch of holidays is always the most difficult. The kids have been home so long that any sense of routine has gone out the window and by now you are racking your brain over what you are going to do to keep your Little Pea entertained! We have some helpful suggestions for you!
  • Make playdough from scratch – you’ll be surprised how easy it actually is. It’s a great activity to help your Little Pea with executive functions (sequencing, planning and organising, following instructions), social interactions and fill their sensory cup. Here’s a simple recipe to get started: No fuss Play Dough
  • Create a treasure hunt around the house. No need to go and buy fancy new toys or treats, use what you already have around the house. Perhaps the treasure hunt is to find all the ingredients to make your playdough or the toys to build a pillow fort. It doesn’t have to take hours to make either, a simple ‘x marks the spot’ does the trick. If you want to be really creative, make little clues such as “you’ll find me under the place where mummy sleeps”. Treasure hunts are fantastic ways to work on their executive function skills, handwriting, gross motor skills, persistence despite failure, visual scanning and much much more.
  • Create an ‘art exhibition’ – allow your Little Pea to use whatever they want, Lego, drawing, paint, leaves and sticks from the garden, boxes, the left over wrapping paper from Christmas, etc. Take turns doing a show and tell of what you made and why. Be sure to film it and send it to friends, family and us!
  • Make a fort somewhere in the house out of anything you have – pillows, sheets, chairs to hold it up, boxes, etc. Let creativity flow. Maybe it starts as a fort and becomes a spaceship or a dungeon or even a portal into a new dimension.
  • Have a fashion parade. Let you Little Pea pick from a selection of your clothes (or even your whole wardrobe) and show you the latest fashion trends.
Most importantly, find something that you and your Little Pea can do that you both enjoy.
Rebecca Lockyer
Occupational Therapist, Little TheraPeas

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