Group Programs

Join our

Prep Readiness Program

to help your little pea get ready for Prep in 2021.

Four consecutive sessions every Friday will be held from 11:30am to 1:30pm from Friday 13th November. (13th, 20th, 27th November and 4th December)

Bellvista Meeting Place
18 Lomond Crescent, Caloundra West 4551

Contact  or call 5375 6322 to book your place.

Hand Writing Groups

The handwriting group is designed as an intensive 2 week, 3 days each week to help children in (or heading into) Prep to Year 3 improve their handwriting skills. This group program is targeted to improve postural control and coordination related to sitting and participating in table top/handwriting tasks, increasing body awareness, hand dexterity and automaticity for writing, correcting letter formation, line awareness and upper/lower case errors, as well as, improving handwriting speed.

Social Skills Groups

The social skills group can be run as an intensive 3 days for 2 weeks or across the school term on a 1day/week for 6weeks. We offer two different social skills groups depending on the age and capacity of the child. Our ‘Social Stars’ group is aimed at children between 5 years and 9years. Our ‘Social Explorers’ group is aimed at children between 9 years and 12 years. The groups are targeted to improve children’s social skills through exploring concepts of social thinking, socially appropriate behaviours and how to understand the social environment around them.


The Prep readiness group is run across 4 weeks, 1 day per week. We typically run this group over the June-July school holidays and in November or December to help identify the areas that children need support with and address them prior to starting their first year of school the following year.  The group is targeted at helping your child be ready for prep by giving them the essential foundation skills needed. They will learn the foundational skills of how to make new friends, writing (through pre-writing shapes, letter awareness and pencil grasp), reading (through decoding words, identifying rhyming words and beginning/ending sounds of words and letters), how to sit and listen in the classroom, how to be independent during lunch breaks, cutting, colouring and pasting and socially appropriate behaviours within the school environment.

Gross Motor Skills Group

The gross motor skills group is designed as an intensive 2 week, 3 days each week to help children aged between 4 years to 10 years with gross motor skill difficulties. This group is targeted at improving children’s baseline gross motor skills (such as hopping, jumping and skipping), ball skills (including hand eye coordination), balance skills, bilateral integration, midline crossing, muscle strength, endurance and motor planning.