Game of the Month May 2020 – Slamwich! by GameWright.
Slamwich is version of snap where you make sandwiches! There are little additions to this game that make it different to the traditional game of snap and add that extra level of fun and engagement for kids.
Slamwich allows little peas to develop their attention/concentration skills, motor skills (including speed) visual perception and memory (both visual and working memory). These are important skills for children to learn and as they help them in all their environments whether it be playing with friends, participating in the classroom or getting ready in the morning!
On top of all of these Slamwich is a game where due to the unpredictability it helps to increase children’s flexibility and managing winning and losing.
In the clinic we also use Slamwich to help our little peas develop the motor skills of rotating their wrist (what’s called supination and pronation) and grasp patterns (so we might modify the game slightly where the little pea has to pick up the card with their pincher grasp or tripod grasp or be silly and make their own ‘crazy’ grasp).
The options for skill development with a simple card game like this are endless and not to mention FUN!
Our recommendation: pull out the old deck of cards in the back of the cupboard and try out a game of snap with your little pea. See how creative you can be with making up ways to work on your little peas area of difficulty.
Rebecca Lockyer
Occupational Therapist, Little TheraPeas

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