Little TheraPeas is a multidisciplinary Sunshine Coast paediatric therapy clinic offering Occupational Therapy (OT), and Psychology delivered from its Caloundra clinic. School and home visits can also be facilitated. Our passion is to help children and their families reach independence and success throughout their lives. Our focus is to a build supportive, fun and friendly environment which focuses on building rapport with you and your little pea. This helps get the most out of therapy to achieve your child’s goals and make a difference to their life and in turn your life. We also have therapy assistants who run therapist directed programs and groups that provide value for money options for family support and to achieve goals sooner.

Children Playing Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists (OTs) work across all ages and stages of life to help people achieve independence, maintain function and perform meaningful ‘occupations’ (a word OTs use for everyday tasks and activities).

At Little TheraPeas our OTs work with children and their families to help them meet their developmental milestones, increase independence and live life with joie de vivre.

Children Playing Psychology

Psychology treatment can assist people with a behavioural, mental/emotional or cognitive disability/difficulty be as independent as possible to lead a more fulfilled life. Psychologists help children with various needs improve their skills and enhance their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment.

Children Playing therapy Assistant
Therapy Assistants

A Therapy Assistant can support your child to practice the skills they learn in therapy and apply these throughout their daily life, whether at home, school or out in the community. All of our Therapy Assistants work in collaboration with a qualified therapist to implement a tailored treatment plan to support your child to work towards their unique goals.

Tactile Sensitivity

Do you find your child getting upset when you tickle them or cuddle them or touch their hair? What about when they get a haircut/washed or you try to cut their finger nails?

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A Christmas Gift

Receiving this Christmas gift from one of my Little Peas today really made my day. Little TheraPeas philosophy is founded on building strong bonds and relationships with Little Peas and their families.

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Auditory Processing

Just like all sensory systems, where are many different types of auditory processing difficulties from a difficult filtering out noises (modulation), difficulties differentiating sounds/noises (discrimination), having a big adverse reaction -fight/flight/fright- to noise (defensive), not hearing various noises (under responsive).

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At Little TheraPeas we love that the word for Autism in Maori is ‘Takiwatanga’ as we work from the principal that there are no limitations to what each little pea can do, if we give them the right supports and scaffolding it just happens in their own time.

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Bubbles are an everyday essential within our clinic.
Bubbles have so many therapy benefits and can help a whole range of children.

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